Tuesday, January 27, 2009

List Exchange Distribution List Members Recursively

Based on the powershell script I found by Hugo Peters; this script not only returns mailboxes but contacts too. I also added the ability to display the name of any Dynamic Distribution Lists that are members but haven't been able to get it to parse through each one of those yet.

Download File

To run the script you will need to specify the Distribution List or Lists you want to extract in a csv file.

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Poshoholic said...

Scripts written in the PowerGUI script editor aren't dependent on that editor to work. The editor is just used to create functions or script (ps1) files so that you can use them wherever you need. If you have a script that doesn't specifically reference something in the PowerGUI object model and that script works in the editor but not in PowerShell, that is likely a bug so please let us know on the PowerGUI forums. Thanks!