Thursday, January 15, 2009

Using Exchange Database Restore to Recover Mailbox

Whether restoring a single mailbox or all of the mailboxes on an Exchange 2003 database, the process is virtually the same. First determine the mailbox location (Server, Storage Group and Database) on the date the restore is needed.
  • If the account has been deleted, a new account and mailbox should be created on the same database as the original mailbox, if possible. You will need to do some additional work in order to complete this restore. See "Restore Deleted Mailbox"

Determine the tapes required to run the restore and recall them if necessary.

Create the Recovery Storage Group on the destination server (this can be any Exchange server with enough storage) and then add a databse to recover to the RSG.

Kick off the restore and when it completes mount the DB in the RSG.

Once mounted, run ExMerge tool against the RSG to extract the necessary mailbox data.

  • If the mailbox has been moved to a different db since the restore date then additional work is required in order for the ExMerge to complete. See "Recover Moved Mailbox"

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