Thursday, January 15, 2009

Checking for an Exchange 2003 Memory Leak

To find out if there is a memory leak or not on an Exchange 2003 server, here are a few counters that would help monitor the resource utilization and how best to configure them.

1. If possible permanently disable all screen savers.
2. Go to Start, Run and type "perfmon" (without quotation marks) and press OK.
3. Expand Performance Logs and Alerts. Highlight Counter Logs and right click in the right pane to bring up a menu. From this menu, select "New Log Settings". Give this log a name.
4. Press Add. Verify the correct computer is selected in the "Select counters from computer:" drop-down.
5. Add "All counters" and "All instances" each of the following objects:
  • Memory
  • Network Interface
  • Objects
  • Paging File
  • Physical Disk
  • Process
  • Processor
  • Redirector
  • Server
  • Server Work Queues
  • System
6. Set the Interval for every 1 Min.
7. Click on the Log Files tab and set Log file type to Binary Circular File and a Limit of 500,000 KB or 500 MB. Make sure where the Log are currently saved has enough disk space to accommodate.
8. Go to the schedule tab, set the schedule for "Stop Log- Manually" and "Start Log- Manually

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